Cyclist clipped and injured on Route 107


A cyclist was thrown from her bicycle after a car clipped her on Route 107 on Thursday, March 17, around 1:30 p.m.

According to police, a 52-year old Redding resident was driving south on the road when she failed to grant sufficient clearance to the bike. The cyclist, a 46-year old from Wilton, was thrown from the bike and suffered minor injuries.

She was taken to Norwalk Hospital, where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

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  • The description of the wreck suggests what we cyclists variously call a “buzz job” or “punishment pass”. The idea is drivers think cyclists have no right to the road so they get as close as possible to scare us into not riding. Sometimes they cross the line and actually hit someone because they aren’t as good a driver as they thought or the cyclist had to dodge something on the road at the last second.

    • lastcardjohnny

      hey opus, or, perhaps, your fellow cyclists who ride 2 and 3 abreast and when given a warning beep of the horn react with the middle finger. They are not your friends and they should be chastised from within their own community.
      the law says single file, the law says obey all the traffic signals – including stop signs and red lights. see how many of your fellow cyclists do then come back to me about punishment passing.
      of course everyone should be kind and obedient and people in cars must realize the impact of their actions but it kind of works both ways.

      • So, if I see a car run a stop sign or red light, I’m allowed to endanger the life of the next driver I come across? Become judge, jury, and executioner to punish them for the transgressions of another? There is a 4 way stop 2 blocks from my house that the only time anyone stops is there is already a vehicle in the intersection, who should I punish for that? I could set up a sniper post and “take out” the cars as they roll the stop signs, that would at least punish the ones actually breaking the law. Or maybe I should shoot the vehicle behind them for not preventing the leading vehicle from rolling the stop.

        As was demonstrated last week in Nice, motor vehicles are WMD. Eighty four people were killed over a 1.2 mile stretch by ONE GUY! Even suggesting a buzz job or punishment pass is inciting murder against a cyclist. Understand? You are using a WMD to convey yourself from one place to another, and you are complaining that the person that could be killed or permanently injured is rude to you because they won’t lest you drive as fast as you want? Talk about narcissistic. Go ride a bike in the city while obeying the real laws not the ones you made up in your mind while waiting to pass a cyclist, then tell me about rude cyclists.

        • lastcardjohnny

          hey opus, get back on your meds. i never suggested anything, what i did say was bad road manners engender a certain ire from motorists and although ts a real emotion – I never said they are ever justified – just that they can happen- why tempt fate. Also, why are you talking shooting anyone? You my friend have a serious issue. Its not about letting someone drive as fast as they want – thats why we have traffic laws. See – laws. If people are blowing through a 4 way stop – they are breaking the law – call the cops, they will make sure the transgressors are punished. But realize when a cyclist blows through and a car hits him – an accident – its the cyclists fault. he’s also probably hurt or worse – his fault 100% – hence the laws. stop being a jerk, grow up.

          • I have lost count of the times I have been deliberately hit by drivers for “being in the way” or because “you guys always break the laws”. One of those was nearly fatal in 2001. As I mentioned a driver is in control of a literal WMD, capable of killing more people than a heavy machine gun, and more property damage than medium field artillery (155mm). I believe the “normal” response to someone endangering lives with a WMD is to shoot first.

            I covered bicycle wrecks for 8 years and in all those years reporting on bike wrecks there were only half a dozen drivers killed world-wide from hitting a cyclist, 5 of those the cyclist’s body went through the windshield of a car driven in excess of the speed limit by a large margin (all in excess of 80 MPH, one over 140) with the 6th believed to be a driver having a medical issue that caused the wreck. In that same period of time tens of thousands of cyclists died and millions more were permanently crippled with most obeying the law.

            And the correct response to a cyclist breaking the law would be to call LEO, not to try to run them off the roads with a deadly weapon. A “punishment pass” is threatening bodily harm with a deadly weapon, assault, or attempted murder.

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