West Redding Fire Department holds open house this Sunday

On Sunday, April 15, the West Redding Volunteer Fire department is hosting an Open House Recruitment Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Members of the community and the general area are welcome to stop by and see what it means to be a volunteer EMT or firefighter. In Connecticut, 80% of the towns have volunteer departments servicing their communities. April 15 through April 21 is National Volunteer Week. This will be the department’s third event in the past three years honoring National Volunteer Firefighter Day. This event is being held with the guidance and help from the International Association … Read more

Redding student wins geography bee

Redding resident Ben Fligelman said he felt a little nervous but also confident recently as he participated in John Read Middle School’s final round of the 2018 Connecticut National Geographic State Bee semifinalist competition. “I was very tense but relaxed because even if I didn’t win, I made it to the schoolwide championship,” said Ben, 14, who is in the eighth grade. “That would have been an OK way to end. Winning would be icing on the cake.” Ben ended up with “the icing,” though, since he won his school’s bee. He has been named a Connecticut National Geographic State … Read more

Expert offers fiction writing workshop in Redding

For seven hours on Saturday, March 3, a group of people at Redding’s Mark Twain Library will learn everything that goes into writing a fiction novel. Fiction author Susan Breen will teach a free, one-day writing workshop, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The program is open to writers of any level, and writing material will be provided. “The workshop is a way to jump-start people into writing,” said Breen, of Irvington, N.Y. Breen teaches fiction and novel writing at Gotham Writers Workshop in Manhattan, N.Y. She is the author of The Fiction Class and the Maggie Dove series of … Read more

Redding residents air mixed views on police staffing

At Monday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, Wolf Boehme — a resident who formed an online petition and Facebook page to gather support for reducing the number of police in town — stood up in his seat and aired his concerns. — Bryan Haeffele photo

Does Redding need to reduce its police staff? There were mixed reactions to this question at Monday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting. Shortly after the meeting began, Wolf Boehme — a resident who formed an online petition and Facebook page to gather support for reducing the number of police in town — stood up in his seat, faced Redding First Selectman Julia Pemberton, as well as Selectmen Peg O’Donnell and Michael Thompson, and aired his concerns. Reading from his petition — on which he had collected about 175 signatures — he said he is worried about “the budget pressures on … Read more

Redding student memoirs

Memoirs from students in Danielle Lingo’s eighth grade class at John Read Middle School in Redding. The Tiniest Beach By Keara S. Champagne April 10, 2000, Sag Harbor, Long Island, NY A man, with curly black hair and a warm laugh, and a woman, with hair the color of the sand beneath her toes and eyes the color of the ocean that roared behind her, walked along the shoreline. The happy couple had come down from Connecticut to visit the woman’s parents. The couple informed the woman’s parents that they would soon be moving in together to an apartment in … Read more

Redding police officer sends open letter to the town

To the town of Redding: As I follow the opinions of a handful of people interested in restructuring the Redding Police Department I find the discussion to be bittersweet. On the one hand, I pray every day that you and your family will never need me. On the other hand, I am saddened that you don’t know me or Redding’s other amazing public safety professionals that serve your community every day. Open dialogue is good. Requesting that your government is fiscally responsible is good. But, in this case, misinformation and/or a misunderstanding of the services provided to you are not. … Read more

Redding children show creativity at STEM fair

Anna Page Pilato, 7, built a suspension bridge from cardboard, chairs, mason’s line, a parachute cord, and books for Redding Elementary's STEM fair.

Sitting atop a table inside Redding Elementary School on Saturday, Jan. 27, was a large suspension bridge lined with about a dozen miniature cars. “I made the bridge from cardboard, chairs, mason’s line, a parachute cord, and books,” said 7-year-old Anna Page Pilato. The suspension bridge was one of the almost two dozen projects in the school’s interactive science and art fair, called Imagine a World.   This is the second year the school has held the fair, but it is the first year for it to be combined with a STEM fair — where students exhibit projects they created … Read more

Safe Rides program gathers speed in Redding and Easton

Luca Cerbin and Michael Klein-Wassink created a Safe Rides program at Joel Barlow High School.

After a slow start, the Redding and Easton Safe Rides program is now getting several calls an evening. Since its first night of operation, the program has given around 40 rides. Michael Klein-Wassink, 17, co-founder of the program, attributes the slow start to “establishing trust.” “A lot of kids initially didn’t have a trust for the system,” he said. “They thought that they would get reported for being out drinking.” The volunteer program, founded by Michael and fellow Barlow senior and Redding resident Luca Cerbin, 17, started Nov. 10. If teens are out with friends or at a party where … Read more

How to tell your story on LinkedIn

Mark Halpert, LinkedIn trainer and author of LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices, will offer a free training session on Thursday, May 10, at 7:30 p.m. at the Mark Twain Library in Redding. The program, co-sponsored by the Small Business Circle, will cover how to build a LinkedIn profile to better brand yourself and your business. Aimed at all sectors, industries, ages, populations, and experience levels on LinkedIn, this session will consider all sections of the LinkedIn personal profile and briefly touch on the company profile page. A question-and-answer period will conclude the session. Attendees should bring a … Read more

Barlow community concerned with school security

A school resource officer does a lot more than just wield a gun, Joel Barlow High School parent Diane MacLean said at Tuesday night’s Region 9 Board of Education meeting. MacLean works as an SRO in a neighboring town. “It’s less about the armed security and more about the relationships and being proactive in the school to help the community be safe and feel that security,” she said. MacLean was one of about 50 parents, students and local residents who attended the meeting at Joel Barlow High School in Redding on Feb. 20, to voice concerns about school safety. While … Read more

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