Weston selectmen vote to send fracking waste ban to counsel

Weston’s Board of Selectmen voted 2-to-1 to send an ordinance prohibiting waste associated with natural gas and oil extraction, a process known as fracking, to town counsel.  First Selectman Chris Spaulding and Selectman Brian Gordon voted to move forward with send  the ordinance to counsel while Selectman Stephan Grozinger voted against it. Town counsel will then review the ordinance and eventually there will be a town vote on whether to prohibit waste associated with fracking. While there is no actual fracking in the state of Connecticut, the ordinance bans storing waste associated with fracking in Weston. Additionally, fracking waste is … Read more

Ways to volunteer

By Peter Houlahan, Contributing writer With every new year come new resolutions. For many, this includes a commitment to giving back to the community by volunteering one’s time and expertise to a good cause. “The town would cease to function without its volunteers,” said Redding First Selectman Julia Pemberton. “They play an enormous role in the community.” Every town offers an abundance of organizations and clubs, whatever one’s interests, skills or time constraints. Sometimes the trick is just finding them. Here is a small sample of organizations that could use your help. Additional opportunities to volunteer are provided on each of … Read more

Health official: Complications from flu caused death of New Canaan 10-year-old boy

[UPDATED 10:39 a.m JAN. 16] The cause of the death of the 10-year-old New Canaan fourth grader was flu complicated by pneumonia followed by sepsis, according to a New Canaan health official on Tuesday, Jan. 16, at 10 a.m. A New Canaan health official reported to the Advertiser information that he received from a New York State medical examiner. “It had nothing to do with hockey,” a New Canaan health official said, responding to question about the boy’s participation in a hockey event trip to upstate New York. The boy, Nico Mallozzi, started feeling ill last Thursday, Jan. 11, a … Read more

Allie-Brennan to run against Duff for state representative

Raghib Allie-Brennan is running for state representative for Connecticut’s 2nd Assembly District, which covers parts of Redding, Bethel, Danbury, and Newtown. He is standing in front of his former high school, Bethel High School.

Will he win the second time around? Democrat Raghib Allie-Brennan is once again running against Republican incumbent Rep. William Duff in Connecticut’s 2nd General Assembly District. The district covers parts of Redding, Bethel, Danbury, and Newtown. In 2016, Allie-Brennan lost to Duff by about 280 votes out of a total of about 11,750 votes — getting about 49% of the votes. “I felt this was impressive since this is a Republican district historically and it was a Republican year,” he said. A Bethel native Allie-Brennan, 26, said he has always liked the idea of local public service. “Your hometown is where … Read more

Letter: Redding residents support fracking waste ban ordinance

To the Editor: One of the things we love most about Redding is its natural beauty, and we hope Redding will be as beautiful in the future as it is now. The fracking waste ban ordinance that is being considered and voted on at the special town meeting on Monday, Jan. 8, is an important step in making sure it is. This fall, our FIRST Lego League robotics team, the Polymechs, did research into fracking and how it can potentially contaminate drinking water. We were surprised to learn that Connecticut has not banned fracking waste statewide, like Vermont has. But … Read more

Letter: Resident suggests ways to improve efficiency

To the Editor: This Friday, our Board of Selectmen will be holding a budget workshop where each town department will present to the board. I suggest the board ask the following questions of the department heads: What metrics do you use to measure your department’s efficacy? How does your department compare on these measures against other similarly situated municipalities? What innovations are you applying in your department to reduce costs? What innovations are similar departments in other municipalities putting in place that Redding should consider? What changes in policies or procedures can Redding’s elected officials make to reduce costs? Wolf … Read more

Town of Redding issues winter storm plow recommendations

Sen. Tony Hwang (left) and former Connecticut Congressman Robert Steele (right), author of The Curse: Big-Time Gambling's Seduction of a Small New England Town testified on March 9 against proposals to expand gambling in Connecticut.

From the town of Redding: The highway crew is working and has treated the roads before the snow began. As a reminder, they do not plow continuously during a storm. They will make an estimated three full rounds of the town before the storm is done. That’s 10 big plows plus small contractors covering roughly 100 miles of roadway. Roads will be slippery even when plowed. Do not expect to see blacktop until 24 to 48 hours after the storm ends, assuming Redding gets some sun. With this storm, there will be winds and drifting of snow, making it appear … Read more

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